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Cabinet Cubby is a manufacturing Company Located In Metro Phoenix Area.  The Company was established to provide quality products to home owners with cabinet storage needs.

The Founder of Cabinet Cubby USA, Doug Morby, started out as a Manager of a Sherwin Williams Paint Store on Ogden, Utah in 1978.

That led to a Career in fine finishes and Cabinet Painting.  Later he established Camelback Cabinets, a full service cabinet manufacturer.


Mr. Morby saw an underserved market within the Cabinet Industry - New Cabinet Drawers and Cabinet Storage Solutions. 


Camelback Cabinets began manufacturing their own drawers  and eventually set up an entire division dedicated to manufacturing drawers and storage pull outs.  Today it is a separate company called Cabinet Cubby USA.

In order to increase market awareness The Company has created a marketing campaign called the Cabinet Monster.



It is really like a Cabinet Monster is hiding in your cupboards, Making a mess out of the items in the lower cabinets. Doug Morby came up with the idea of creating products that solve the messy storage problem in virtually every Kitchen. 

It is our sincere hope that our customers will enjoy the benefits of our products for many years to come.

Hand Built - Heavy Duty - Storage Solutions

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